General Information on Medical Cannabis Prescriptions


Medical Cannabis has been available on prescription in The Netherlands since 2003. This means doctors here are educated, have knowledge and experience of cannabis, and have meticulously studied and practiced its applications for different illnesses and symptoms.

We work together with three of the Netherlands' most experienced preventative healthcare professionals. Between them, they share more than 50 years of expertise in the prescribing of medical cannabis for a whole range of symptoms and treatments.

With our doctors, you get the chance to freely discuss medical cannabis without limitations, and talk to them about your health situation, previous diagnoses, symptoms, current medication and more without judgement.

Receiving a Prescription

After your consultation with a doctor, you may receive your medical cannabis prescription under discretion and advice from the doctor.

The doctor may write a prescription, after which this is sent through to a pharmacy responsible for preparing your medication for pick up.

If the doctor writes you a prescription, you will receive a medical passport with a stamp from the pharmacy stating the type(s) of medicine, your daily allowance(s), your monthly /weekly prescription and the amount you paid when you picked up your medication.

This document you receive from the pharmacy along with your prescription from your doctor are the two most important documents to carry with you at all times. These signify you are a medical cannabis patient and that you are allowed to consume your medicine when needed. Restrictions do apply however, and it is not always allowed to consume medical cannabis openly or publicly. Always refer to your state and local government laws on medical cannabis, the consuming of it and the travelling with it.

Travelling with a Prescription

It is possible to travel with your medical cannabis prescription and take your medical cannabis with you for a period of 30 days. This falls under the Schengen Agreement and does not include every country in the European Economic Area.

26 Member Countries in Schengen allow travel with medical cannabis, however you must obtain a customs document from your doctor stating which countries you wish to travel to. 

Some countries, such as Norway, may allow you to take medical cannabis from the Netherlands to Norway. Please always check with the necessary local and government rules & regulations on bringing in medical cannabis. While some countries accept the dutch prescription and travel documents without additions, some countries such as Germany may require you to file additional statements with local or national ministries of health or customs, depending on the state in which you live.

For more information on prescriptions and travelling with medical cannabis please contact us: