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About NHZ Medical

Our network of accredited and licensed doctors specialise in the field of preventative healthcare. Together, this network has over 35 years of experience in prescribing medical cannabis to help patients manage symptoms of many different illnesses and conditions.

Apply today to schedule a consultation with a doctor and find out how medical cannabis may be a viable treatment option for you.

What we do

We provide potential patients with information and access to information surrounding medical cannabis. This means you can finally get answers to the most important questions, such as what medical cannabis can do for you, what different types and applications there are, what necessary paperwork you need before a consultation, basic requirements for a medical cannabis prescription and information on travelling with a medical prescription.

How we do it

We work together with our doctors to point you in the right direction. To do this, we regularly hold updates with our doctors and provide you with the best means to get in contact for a consultation. This means you can purchase a referral from NHZ and receive a direct link to make an appointment for a consultation with one of our doctors.

26 Countries

Did you know? A medical prescription and medication from the Netherlands can be valid for travel across the Schengen Economic Area.

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What did medical cannabis do for you?

The first and foremost Medical Cannabis have done for me is for my ADHD. It makes me focus more on my daily life, my job and around friends and family. Anxiety and lack of appetite have not been an issue at all, and I have not felt better. 

Kristian S.

No more painkillers or sleeping pills, no more unnecessary symptoms. Hell yeah to letting my body get more space, new experiences and the possibility to heal more properly.

A. Kirste

Before I was introduced to medical cannabis by a professional doctor I had severe anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, mood swings and migraines. I felt like I couldn't live a normal life. After I begin treatment with Bedrocan® I've had little to no problem at all with my disorders and I finally feel that I can live normal happy life.

Sondre D.

I struggled with anxiety and depression for years, including a tremor that I was given beta blockers and valium for. Since being able to freely use medical cannabis, I haven't looked back. My days are what they should be, and I can live my life as I want to. I am able to much better manage symptoms of anxiety with Bedrocan® and Bediol®, and have found Bedica® to really help me with my sleep and appetite when things get rough again.

Liam A.

Share your story with us and others today and get involved with our medical cannabis community. Send us an email to and we can't wait to hear from you :) 

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